Safe Families Chatham-Kent Launch!

The steering committee of Safe Families Chatham-Kent is proud to introduce Brian Kivell as our very first Regional Director. In addition, Brian is joined on staff by his wife, BJ, who will serve in a supportive role to the organization as the Client Relations Coordinator

Brian and BJ are a husband and wife team born and raised in Chatham who have extensive experience working together in ministry over the years. In the early years of their marriage, Brian and BJ served as missionaries in the Ukraine. In their time there, they created a ministry for homeless children, oversaw outreach programming within seven orphanages, facilitated sponsorships, as well as international adoptions. They have also served as a respite home with Community Homes Ltd, providing additional support to families in need of care. 

Other related experience include Brian’s time working as the Youth Development Coordinator at the Wallaceburg Youth Outreach Centre (COR:12) and as a one-on-one support worker with Community Homes Ltd. Presently, Brian serves on the board for Right to Life/Refuge and owns his own audio marketing company, Hook Line and Singer, primarily creating promotional material for radio. He co-founded this company in 2010.

BJ also has an entrepreneurial background. She is a talented photographer and doula. BJ is passionate about supporting families through the experience of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. In 2008, BJ co-founded the Doula Collective of Chatham-Kent. She currently works as the Director of Client Care at Refuge, which offers free comprehensive pregnancy support to women and families. 

Brian and BJ have extensive experience working with children and families in crisis, both individually and as a team. Their experience has given them an understanding of the complexity of working with challenging family dynamics and the importance of enlisting a supportive community to overcome the unique barriers families may face in order to thrive.

Brian and BJ have been married nearly 21 years and enjoy spending their time with their seven children. In their own words, “Family is very important to us and we would love to help other families find joy and purpose in this beautiful gift. The mission of Safe Families is something we are very passionate about.”  

Safe Families is growing throughout Canada, which mean more families are helped. We are so excited for this launch and the impact it will have for the community!

Would you like to get involved?

Volunteer as a Host Family, Family Friend or Resource Friend, or Family Coach with Safe Families Chatham-Kent. Engage your local church with Safe Families and donate. All prayer are welcome!

If you live in the area and is interested in any of the above, or know a family that needs support, please contact the chapter at:

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