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Just 1 Group…for 1 Family…For 1 Year. Live Out Love in Your Community!

Safe Families Canada creates extended family–like supports for desperate families through a community of devoted volunteers who are motivated by faith to keep children safe and keep families intact.

You and your group can be that beloved community to a family in your community!

Whether it’s a small group, discipleship group, men’s group, or some other type of group, you can make a world of difference to a family in need around you.

  • Would someone in your group be willing to open their home for a child(ren) to temporarily stay with them?
  • Would anyone be willing to help this family by providing respite for them to get a break or just babysit for an evening date night?
  • Who could provide a few frozen meals for the family or mow their lawn?
  • Who would like to work with the SF staff by checking on the child(ren) to make sure things are going OK?
  • And if this family from your group or the family being supported needed something – like a crib or diapers, furniture to furnish an apartment, gas or grocery cards – couldn’t just about everyone in your group meet a small need?

In many situations, parents or guardians may be incapable of providing a safe and caring environment for their children, putting them at risk of abuse and neglect. In the past, extended family or neighbors stepped in to help families in crisis by caring for their children for short periods of time. Today, however, many families are socially isolated, and their extended family is nonexistent, or unavailable or unable to help.

Through Safe Families for Children, families in crisis get connected to caring, compassionate community during their time of need and beyond.

Your group can be at the forefront of living out love to your neighbours!

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This is a great example of how one Circle of Support is wrapping around a family! A family was recovering from twins delivered via C-section when a Circle of Support wrapped their arms them:

“I’ve been over to see John and Nancy today. The twins are gaining weight with Anna at over 6lbs and Michelle at over 5lbs now! Nancy is recovering well from her C-section and she said it hasn’t been easy since she they all caught colds during that time too. They had their first grocery visit as a family on Saturday which they said went well but it was a lot of work. Our Circle of Support has provided more meals and weekly laundry help as we have since she gave birth. We also found two car seat covers for them. Our Circle of Support is getting together next Sunday to prepare some freezer meals for them. Dad will be gradually returning to work. I asked them to let me know about those dates and to put needs on our calendar. We hope to be able to provide Nancy with some hands-on support during the day once he returns to work.” – Minnesota Family Coach