The Lean-In Podcast: The faith-based ‘honeycomb’ that is building stronger, more resilient families

Thank you to Russ Mitchell and his Lean-In Podcast, for asking Safe Families Canada to join in the conversation about “Loving our Neighbours” and building stronger communities in Canada.

The Lean-In Podcast:

In the episode we explore how one faith-based organization is working through the church to help families become more resilient when facing difficult issues of life.  Adele-Marie, Executive Director of Safe Families Canada begins by recounting her own journey as a foster Mom and the insights she has gained about families.  She also explains Safe Families’  vision, mission, and history.  Through unpacking Safe Families’ ‘Circle of Support’ model and stories of hope, we discover  the responsibility and calling followers of Jesus have to care for families. Adele-Marie also explains the current growth of Safe Families chapters across Canada, and a new initiative targeting youth.  Finally, we consider the many opportunities available for believers to get personally involved in the work, of loving and caring for families and their children.

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