REAL TALK & Join the Movement! with Hildy Sloots, Hamilton- Halton, Chapter Director

Thank you to REAL TALK, for hosting the SFC Hamilton-Halton Chapter Director, Hildy Sloots, who shares about the amazing ministry of Safe Families Canada, and why you should JOIN THE MOVEMENT!
REAL TALK: We got a special episode for you today! We sat down with Hildy Sloots, the director of Hamilton/Halton Safe Families. This amazing organizations exists to build a network of support for families in need in a variety of ways. We’re so grateful Hildy was willing to come on to share about the important work Safe Families does and how we can and why each of us should consider getting involved! We hope this episode impacts you the way it did us. If you’re interested in volunteering with Safe Families be sure to check out their website or contact Hildy directly at or 289-707-5760. Be sure to let us know what you think!
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