Be a Family Coach

A Family Coach is part of SFC’s Circle of Support model. Part of a group of people working together to support a Host Family while they host a child and also may have the opportunity to reach out to the child’s parent to help them get back on their feet.

You can play a vital role in Safe Families Canada by volunteering as a Family Coach:



Support the Host Family—this ensures that families get the support and resources they need to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children
Monitor Children’s safety—a top priority so the Family Coach begins assessing safety within 48 hours of a child moving in with the Host Family and each week for at least a month
Facilitate the relationship – between the Host Family and the Placing Parent with compassion and empathy
Listen to Families – both Host Families and Placing Parents and provide space for them to express their thoughts and concerns
Manage expectations—For example, the Host Family may feel that they must fix problems or situations that are not their responsibility. Alternatively, if a hosting arrangement seems longer than expected, the Family Coach is needed to temper expectations.
Demonstrate – empathy, hope, grace, and compassion. We work hard to err on the side of grace.
Problem Solve—Family Coaches work with the church and other community resources to assist Placing Parents
Provide Reassurance – stressful situations require a calm presence and ability to give hope to those who may feel hopeless.

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