Financial Transparency

How do we use your financial donation to Safe Families?

When you make a donation to one of the local chapters of Safe Families Canada, the funds go directly to the operations in that region. Each chapter pays a fee once a year to our general fund to cover costs that assist all chapters such as: insurance premiums, bookkeeping, and financial audit. The annual fee is $2500 for each chapter whose annual revenue is less than $50,000. For chapters with an annual revenue over $50,000, the fee is 5% of that annual revenue.

All of our chapters are financially efficient in their operations. Most of our staff work from home, with the exception of a couple who have been loaned offices in the buildings of other charities. We coordinate most of our activities with cell-phones, laptops and personal vehicles. This means we do not have overhead costs relating to rent or office spaces. Additionally, the primary services we provide to families-in-crisis take place in the homes of our volunteers or in public spaces as we connect and build supportive relationships with these families. This, again, means we don’t have overhead costs related to running a centre or building for service to take place in.

Furthermore, our selfless volunteers provide the majority of the service to families that we undertake, meaning we do not need many paid staff to do so. Instead, our paid staff focus on recruiting, training, and supervising our volunteers, and coordinating all aspects of the local Safe Families network.

As you will see below, more than 95% of our funding is used towards our charitable activities and less than 4% towards management and administration.