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SFC launched in Canada in 2012 and was incorporated in 2014. It has grown from one chapter in Toronto to 16 chapters across Canada. While churches and communities saw the growing need of families, they also experienced their own crisis of isolation, limited access to resources and living day to day with uncertainty. This promoted a stronger foundation of empathy and urgency to support families from within their own communities. Churches reignited and sought out a partnership with SFC and those partnerships continue to grow.

SFC understands the needs of families facing a crisis and a parent’s concern for the care of their child. We also know that when “the daily stress for the parent decreases, providing immediate relief, time and space to address the issues that led to the stressful situation, a parent is less stressed, children are safe and there is less risk of Child Welfare needing to be involved“.  Are you the right person to work or learn in a role with SFC?


Educational Learning Opportunities 

Educational Learning opportunities are available in some of our chapters. This includes Internships, Co-operative Education, Field Education arrangements and Placements.

For Educational Learning Opportunities, we recruit for roles such as Social/Family Service Workers, Videographers, Administrators, Event Planners, Photographers, Webmasters, and Resource Workers.  We work with Colleges and Universities to provide what is educationally needed for the course requirement.

To learn more about our current opportunities, please go to “Find a Chapter” on our website and contact a chapter near you. They will be able to provide more information concerning the roles they have applied to and other volunteer opportunities.

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