A Mission for the Whole Family

The idea of moving into a home full of strangers would be intimidating for anyone. That combined with experiencing trauma makes it even more difficult. In the beginning it was easy to tell that the boys Amy welcomed into her home were frightened. But Amy was not alone in welcoming the boys to her home, she had her own children to help.

Amy’s sons were just as nervous to meet the new guests but as they started to talk to one another the tension slowly started to fade away. They became friends and were playing with lego together in no time. It was a true joy for Amy to watch her kids care for other children.

“Safe Families Canada has been a great way to fulfil the Great Commission but it’s also been great for my family. It’s been great for my kids to have other kids in their home and have the opportunity to help care for them,” Amy says. Her family became involved with Safe Families after moving to London a year ago. Since then they have hosted ten children, provided day time care for families and have been a support for the Moms we serve.

The mission of Safe Families is based on practising biblical hospitality. This is all about giving people a sense of community and love by inviting outsiders to be family. This generosity changes the lives of both the giver and receiver. Amy can attest to this firsthand.

“Serving with Safe Families is certainly well worth it. It is a really needed ministry. And I think If we can keep families together and point people to Jesus in that process, it’s such a joy to be able to serve in that way”.

If you or someone you know would like to change lives and provide community to families in need, contact us at: info@safefamilies.ca

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