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Mailing Address: Safe Families Ottawa, 2214 Innes Road, Ottawa, ON, K1B 4C4

Rev. Kimberly Sabourin has been in full time ministry for over two decades and in fostering and adoption professionally for the past 16 years. Kimberly has a background in education as both a teacher and Vice-Principal and has spent her entire career focused on the family. She spent three years specializing as a Director in a maternal health centre and has been the Regional Director for Safe Families Ottawa since May 2019. 

Safe Families Ottawa has trained, vetted and screened over one hundred compassionate volunteers and have been hosting children and supporting families in crisis consistently since their launch. They regularly receive referrals and work closely with Ottawa Public Health, the Children’s Aid Society, local hospitals, shelters, pregnancy care centres, midwifery organizations, community service organizations, churches as well as self-referrals.

Safe Families Ottawa’s Leadership Council 2019 – 2021

Elizabeth Inyang – Council Chair          Kevin Richardson        Sharon Kollaard

Steve Outhouse – Treasurer                   Jennifer Jolliffe            Jordon MacLean

Leanne Richardson – Secretary             Merlin Liu                     Brenda MacLean

One of Ottawa’s local newspapers featured the remarkable story of just one of the many families we are providing support to. Safe Families’ role is to provide extended family-like supports to families facing complex and overwhelming situations. It is an honour for us to serve this beautiful family and so many others with compassionate, caring support.

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