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Safe Families Canada | Guelph-Wellington
545 St Patrick St E, Fergus ON, N1M 1N3
Phone: 519-807-4125
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Safe Families Canada | Guelph-Wellington
Chapter Director –  Veronica Hart

Veronica has always had a heart for the vulnerable, people experiencing seasons of struggle or tough spots in life. Veronica has been involved with a Christian 12-step program for nearly a decade. She has walked alongside many people struggling with addictions, grief and loss, as well as those who have experienced sexual abuse, trauma and marriage difficulties/breakdowns.

Veronica and her husband have been married for 17 years, have four children and have been involved in the adoption world for over five years. She has seen how the Lord blesses those who have an open heart to the will of the Lord.

Veronica is excited to witness the many willing and loving hands working here in Guelph-Wellington to spread the joy of the gospel right here in our own community! Veronica lives in full confidence that Christ is the one who ultimately heals our broken hearts and spirits. As Christian communities, we are the tools and hands that Jesus uses. To be Christ’s hands and feet while being a firsthand witness to the power and working of the Holy Spirit is life’s greatest honour and joy!

“He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the LORD require of you: But to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God” Micah 6:8


Family Placement Coordinator – Michele Van Dyken

Michele considers it a joy and inspiration to step into this role alongside so many others who desire to be the hands and feet of Christ, bringing the power of his life, light, and love to our communities. God has placed in her heart a deep love and care for others, and she looks forward to sharing the hope of the Good News of Jesus Christ with those we walk alongside.

Michele lives with her husband and five children in Mount Forest and is pursuing further studies in Biblical Counselling.

With so many rich promises in Scripture to hold and the very presence of God with us, Michele is confident that God, who began this good work, will bring all he desires to completion. She looks forward to meeting and working with those from our local churches who partner with us in this work.


Administrative Assistant – Marina Rietema

Having a heart for people and especially children, God has led Marina to be involved with Safe Families since 2019. When Marina heard about Safe Families’ mission, she wanted to jump on board. To be given the privilege of bringing the light of Christ and to be a witness for Him in this world was a tremendous opportunity that could not be ignored. Marina and her husband Albert were first connected to the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge chapter and filled the roles of host family and family friend.  Then God led Marina to connect with others to start a steering committee with the goal of having a Safe Families chapter in Guelph-Wellington. After the chapter was launched, Marina continued on the Leadership Council, while continuing in the host family position. After 4 years and with a growing Chapter, God led Marina to a new role – Administrative Assistant.  Marina is excited to work with the Chapter Director and Family Placement Coordinator so that more community families may be able to stay together while children are kept safe. Looking back, Marina can see that God has led every step of the way. Marina and her husband Albert have three children and live in Guelph, ON


Leadership Council Members

Katie Martin          Derek Griffioen       Greg Vanleeuwen

Robin Fletcher      Adrian Tamminga

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